About Us

The Cranbury Bookworm officially opened in 1974. The Bookworm existed for over 38 years in a massive Victorian home at 54 North Main Street. In 2012 we found out that we would no longer be able to continue selling books at 54 North Main Street. In 2013 we moved our shop to a turn of the century general store located at 79 North Main Street.  Although smaller, our new location serves us well. “Where you are, is where you’re supposed to be”.

The Cranbury Bookworm is open Thursday through Monday. We routinely unpack fresh merchandise on Thursday and Friday. As with any bookshop, new merchandise can walk in at any time. We never know what will come in next. Part of the allure if you ask me.

Hours of operation:

Thursday 10-6

Friday 10-7

Saturday 10-7

Sunday 12-5

Monday 10-6

Our prices are extremely fair. We cater to and bibliophiles, booksellers, collectors.